'Biology is the study of complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose'
                                                                                                                     Richard Dawkins (1941 - present)

What we do

BioSoc is a warm and all inclusive society dedicated to students of the Warwick School of Life Sciences. Underpinned by our BioFamilies and Mentoring Programme to support your social, pastoral and academic welfare, our Outreach, Volunteering and BioTalk series provide opportunities for you to enrich your career.

BioFamily: social and welfare support

By joining one of our BioFamilies you'll be grouped with peers from your year group and degree stream and supported by a selection of student from upper years who will help you to navigate life at Warwick. Unlike campus events, where you will meet people you may (oddly) never meet again, we can guarantee you'll bump into members of this group daily on the walk over to Gibbet Hill, at lectures, in labs and in the Gibbet Hill café. We run on-line Q&A sessions between results day and welcome weekend, welcome drop in sessions and campus tours during freshers and with our vibrant and broad selection of social, academic and sports activities throughout the year you can expect to stay busy, active and well supported. You do not need to be a member of a family to attend any of our events but it's a great way to get involved and meet people.

Mentor Programme: academic support

All BioSoc members are invited to request a mentor. Carefully selected by BioSoc outreach and SLS faculty, they provide a point of informal and ad hoc support on any issues, academic or pastoral; from lab protocol and writing up you lab reports to acing your first year exams. Our mentor group also support the SSLC BioCafe, a student led weekly drop-in at Gibbet Hill and host termly revision sessions

Career Enrichment

Our schools outreach and volunteer group provide invaluable opportunities to develop experience. Our BioTalks provide interesting and engaging sessions from researchers and industry professionals. 

BioSoc Socials

Of course University isn't just about the academics, its also about enjoying ourselves. We run a full range of socials from co-hosting the welcome week STEM social, the largest single society social of the year (allegedly), Warwick's legendary circling events, club nights and bar crawls. Glitz up for our annual Winter BioBall in March and join us on our domestic (and possibly international) Pipette-less Tours! Join our football and mixed netball teams. We run movie nights, quizzes, family meals, picnics, bowling and pub golf and even some less common events such as our Lunar Observing Session. We have something for all and, if you're part of a family your parents and siblings will be on hand to show you the ropes and make sure you have people to go along with, especially on those first trips off campus.

Our Mission

To create a supportive, all inclusive community for those with a shared passion for Life Sciences by hosting academic and career enriching events and providing a creative forum for networking and socialising.

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Contact us

Warwick BioSoc tries to move with the times and provide our membership with any support they need. Feedback and advice is always welcome and we are always open to suggestions and opportunities to work together.

If you are a complementary organisation or society, at or outside of The University of Warwick, and have an event that you think our membership might be interested in contact us to discuss collaborations or promotions.

As a student body we are always interested in sponsorship opportunities that might help us to fund additional activities. To discuss options or request a sponsorship pack contact us at warwickbiosoc@gmail.com


Contact us using the links below and join our mailing list to keep up to date on all news and events.

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